Dixon Pencils

Made of 100 percent real wood with a quality graphite core, and perfect for use in schools, homes and business.

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Dixon Markers

For presenting ideas, or simply working through them. Bold markers for bold ideas.

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Dixon Erasers

Mistakes happen. Our latex-free erasers leave you with a clean page and a fresh start.

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Commercial Quality Writing Pencils

Oriole Pencils

Perfect for schools, architects, engineers, contractors, or anyone who needs a dependable pencil.

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Industrial Pencils

Lay down a long-lasting, rich mark with durable, dependable Dixon pencils.

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Marking Crayons

Dixon crayons are waterproof, fade-proof, smear-proof — and last 10 times longer than traditional crayons.

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Marker Products

Dixon marker products feature excellent durability for a variety of environments.

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Chalk Products

The original marking chalk, Dixon products are trusted by carpenters, tailors, and teachers alike.

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Industrial Usage Guidelines

Discover the right products for your project with this handy guide.

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